Do You Dream of Harvesting Abundant Vegetables from Your Own Garden, but You Have Limited Space, Time, or Energy?

Don't give up your dream!

Discover How to Harvest Up to 60 Pints of Vegetables From a Garden Smaller Than a Twin-Size Bed!

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Debra Graff has done an excellent job in putting this course together. The graphs and models and pictures she uses go a long way to thoroughly explain each of her 10 topics for gardening in a small space...  Thank you, Debra, for putting together this course.

Judith Knutson

Are you like most gardeners?
Is your vegetable garden very small

Do you have very little time for a garden?

Can you physically not handle a larger garden?

But do you still dream of growing all of your favorite vegetables,
with their incredibly awesome home-grown flavor and freshness?

Harvesting ripe tomatoes

Have you, in desperation, crammed as many plants as possible into your tiny garden,
hoping for an abundant harvest,
-- only to end up with weak, over-crowded plants that produced very little?


Or, in order to fulfill your dream, have you created a really large garden,
one where you planted everything you've always dreamed of, 
-- only to become overwhelmed with the work required,
resulting in a depressing weed-infested mess?

I've been there, too!

But it doesn't have to be that way!

You can have a small, extremely productive,
and easy-to-care-for garden.

Discover How to Create Your Own Incredibly Abundant Mini Garden

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This course was wonderful ...  Thanks again for all of your knowledge that you are so generous to share. It is much appreciated. Your teaching method is so easy to understand.

Marcia Oliver

10 Secrets for Growing More Vegetables in a Small Space

This short 45-minute video course describes the ten methods that you can use to create extremely abundant small gardens. This information is broken up into  short, easy-to-understand lessons.  Graphs, models, and pictures are shown to clearly explain each topic, and links are provided to additional resources.  You'll have access to the entire course as soon as you register.

You can tuck an Abundant Mini Garden into the smallest yard!

Abundant Mini Garden
  • Harvest up to 240 servings of vegetables from a tiny 4'x4' garden bed.
  • Produce high yields, while using up to 50% fewer seeds and transplants
  • Know when you should or should not use raised garden beds.
  • Spend just minutes per week caring for your Abundant Mini Garden.
  • Double or triple your harvests with succession planting.
  • Produce earlier and larger vegetable crops.
  • Harvest up to $150 of organic food from one small garden bed
  • and much, much more...

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Learn Ten Secrets, From Simple to Advanced, 
to Grow a Large Amount of Vegetables in a Small Area

Secret 1: 
The Many Advantages of Using Garden Beds (and when not to!)  (03:50)
Garden beds
Secret 3:
Grow More Food in Less Space with Vertical Gardening  (03:36)
Vertical Garden Lesson
Secret 5:
Creating Healthy Soil to Produce Larger Harvests  (05:40)
Healthy Soil
Secret 7:
Grow 2-3 Crops Per Year with Succession Planting   (05:14)
Succession Planting Lesson
Secret 9:
Using Transplants to Grow More Food in Your Small Garden   (04:40)
Using Transplants
Secret 2: 
Spacing Your Vegetables for Healthy Plants and High Yields  (07:04)
Spacing Vegetables
Secret 4:
Maximize Your Garden Yields with Interplanting   (03:40)
Interplanting Lesson

Secret 6: 
Double or Triple Your Harvests with Deep Soil   (05:07)
Deep soil
Secret 8:
Grow More Vegetables by Extending Your Growing Season  (04:25)
Winter gardening

Secret 10: 
Choose Early-Maturing Varieties to Increase Your Harvest   (04:58)
Early maturing

Just so you know: Debra can't promise that you'll be able to harvest the same amount of vegetables that she has in her own garden, as your soil and growing conditions may be very different from hers. But by using these 10 methods, you can drastically increase how much you can harvest from your own small garden.

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The information was straight and to the point, not full of fluff. The most informative for me was the section on succession planting, something I have not tried yet...

Jose Estrada

Debra Graff

Abundant Mini Gardens Instructor

Debra is passionate about helping gardeners learn how to successfully grow their own incredibly delicious organic food year-round from small spaces. She has over 35 years experience in growing organic vegetables in small garden beds.

She has a degree in organic agriculture, has trained Master Gardeners about vegetable gardening, and has also taught organic gardening at a local college.  She is the author of a kindle book on Amazon:

The Abundant Mini Garden's Guide to Vertical Vegetable Gardening

Debra with huge squash

Share This Free Course With Your Gardening Friends!

Debra lives in the mountains of southwest Virginia with her sister, Brenda.
They have harvested up to 900 pounds of fresh, home-grown vegetables year-round from their garden.

Debra and her sister, Brenda

Whether you want to grow most of your own vegetables, like Debra has, or just a few of your favorite ones, 
come join the Abundant Mini Gardens community!

Discover how you can harvest abundant crops of food twelve months a year by using simple tools, 
small garden beds, trellises, and unheated cold frames. Join us below...  (It's FREE)

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