The Journey to My Current Gardening Method - Abundant Mini Gardens

The Journey to My Current Gardening Method

Vertical Gardening with Trellises

After many years of gardening, I have found a combination of gardening methods that work well for me in my current location and with my existing limitations.  This is an audio recording about the different gardening methods I’ve tried over the years, and what has led me to the methods that I currently use.

There are no “perfect” gardening method.  Different techniques may be more suitable for certain soils, climates, or gardener’s abilities.   You can experiment and try an endless variety of new plants and techniques.

I never find gardening boring because I’m always learning new things. The real joy is the daily journey in your garden.

PDF Transcript of Audio

What methods have you tried with your own gardens?  What has worked well or poorly for you?


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