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Don’t Waste Your Rain!

Have you ever wondered why your garden seemed to dry out too quickly after a heavy rainfall?  Just because your garden received a 2-inch rainfall doesn't mean that your soil actually absorbed it and will make it available for your plants.

Outside of floods, rainfall is valuable. I hate to see it running off my garden instead of soaking in.

The quality of the soil in your garden can have a major effect on how well it can absorb heavy rains.  The video above demonstrates how quickly a well-granulated soil can absorb a 2-inch simulated rainfall, compared to soft powdery soil.  While it's important to have abundant organic matter in your soil, it's equally important to create a healthy soil structure, too.

How you treat your soil can drastically affect its quality and structure.  You can take a terrible dense clay soil and turn it into nice, well-drained soil.  And you can take nice high-quality loamy soil and turn it into soil that drains very badly and won't easily absorb rainfalls.   It all depends on how you handle your soil.  To learn more about creating higher quality soil, watch this video:

6 Ways to Create Good Soil Structure


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