Do You Dream of Harvesting Bountiful and Great Tasting Organic Vegetables in a Small, Easy-to-Care-For Garden?

Make Your Dream a Reality!

About the Author

I've created this website and my online courses to help you learn how to easily harvest abundant organic food all year-round from a small garden - in just a few minutes a week!

Whether you want to grow most of your own vegetables, like my sister and I do, or just a few of your favorite ones, come join the Abundant Mini Gardens community and discover how you can easily harvest bountiful crops of organic food twelve months a year by using simple tools, small garden beds, trellises, and unheated cold frames.

I have been a passionate organic gardener for over 35 years. I have a degree in organic agriculture, and I've been a Master Gardener volunteer. I have trained new Master Gardeners about vegetable gardening, and have taught organic gardening at a local college. And through this website and online courses I share my knowledge and decades of experience with you, too!

​Debra is my go-to advisor for gardening. This information in this e-book -- like her website and emails -- is concise, easy to understand, and infinitely practical. Oh yes, and highly effective. I have returned to gardening after decades away, and luckily stumbled on Debra's wealth of information. Her advice has rescued me having to take a trial and error approach, and has saved me time and money... Review

​I found Abundant Mini Garden's last year and have modified my raised bed gardens from her book to more than triple the output of my garden. This year I have already harvested more than 60 pounds of cucumbers from only 8 square feet of garden space. Review