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Do You Dream of Harvesting Abundant Organic Vegetables All Year-Round from Your Small Garden Beds?

Abundant Mini Garden

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I found Abundant Mini Garden's last year and have modified my raised bed gardens from her book to more than triple the output of my garden. This year I have already harvested more than 60 pounds of cucumbers from only 8 square feet of garden space... 

Jon Lewis  (Amazon review)

Debra is my go-to advisor for gardening. This information in this e-book -- like her website and emails -- is concise, easy to understand, and infinitely practical. Oh yes, and highly effective. I have returned to gardening after decades away, and luckily stumbled on Debra's wealth of information. Her advice has rescued me having to take a trial and error approach, and has saved me time and money...

Mary D .   (Amazon review)

It is obvious that Debra is passionate about sharing her many years of experience in growing vegetables. She uses her passion to give detailed advice on growing your garden with maximum use of limited space. Her suggestions aren't just theory; they are the result of knowledge learned through personal experience. That's the best kind...

Walt  (Amazon review)

"Debra Graff has presented us with a delightful package of information and very helpful advice! Her online course is easy to follow, and is inspiring to even inexperienced gardeners. She is a great teacher!"


Debra Graff, author

Debra Graff

About the Author

There's nothing like harvesting fresh, delicious vegetables right outside your kitchen door!  Debra has been passionate about organic gardening for over 40 years, but she's become much more serious about it in recent years, as she now uses nutrient-dense food to help control pain from a disabling autoimmune disease.

Debra has a degree in organic agriculture, has trained new Master Gardeners about vegetable gardening, and taught organic gardening at a local college. She's also the author of an ebook on Amazon: 
The Abundant Mini Garden's Guide to Vertical Vegetable Gardening.

 Judith Knutson

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