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Intro: How to Grow Fruit (Even If You Have a Tiny Yard)

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Just imagine yourself stepping outside your kitchen into your small yard, and being able to bite into sweet luscious fruit, week after week, all summer long.

If you have a sunny spot as small as 4 feet by 4 feet, you can grow a fruit tree, grapevine, blueberry or gooseberry bush, strawberries, or more…

Most fruit trees grown today are semi-dwarfs. What comes to your mind when you read “semi-dwarf” fruit tree? Dwarf, right? A small tree.  Did you know that a single semi-dwarf fruit tree can grow 10-15 feet high (as tall as your house), and take up nearly 300 square feet in your yard? Yikes!

In that same size area, you can instead grow a miniature fruit garden less than 6 feet tall with a variety of fruit that you can harvest over several months.

Learn how you can grow lots of juicy fruit in a small space with this 6-part series of articles. In this series, I walk you step-by-step through the basics of designing and planting your own miniature fruit garden. I also provide links to tons of resources to help you succeed – including videos, websites, and books!

So, go ahead and get started on Part 1:

Part 1: Eight Reasons Why You Should Grow a Miniature Fruit Garden

Part 2: How To Design Your Own Miniature Fruit Garden

Part 3: How to Select Fruit Varieties That Will Thrive in Your Garden

Part 4: Six Steps to Planting a Successful Fruit Garden

Part 5: Growing Berries and Grapes in Your Mini Fruit Garden

Part 6: Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees in Your Mini Fruit Garden


  • I too have a small kitchen garden where I grow vegetables like tomato, brinjal, potato, lady fingers. Fruits like banana and mango are grown here. I always wanted to grow dwarf juicy fruits in my garden. I will try these techniques.

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